Visit Palestine

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The Visit Palestine website has been built from the ground up and includes a multitude of features, including an eCommerce shop, a tour booking system, an extensive city directory and translation into five languages.  The website's old content was ported to the new system and substantial onsite SEO work was completed to ensure an optimal setup for [...]

The 45s Club

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The 45s Club supports a Facebook group on 100K+ Northern Soul enthusiasts. A fully fledge eCommerce shop was developed to enable the sale of vinyl records and related items worldwide.  Additionally, a blog and numerous social media and newsletter integrations were developed to share information about this music group. SEO Results The 45s Club SEO [...]



Ziryab restaurant has two locations and needed separate information about their restaurants, therefore a WordPress Multisite setup was created to support the request.  Another unique feature developed for this project was a voucher system which enables the sales of fixed-price menus that are a popularly ordered as a gifted item. The voucher is created automatically [...]